Sunday, October 10, 2004

Setting things up

Not a proper blog or anything. Just to be able to see something in the space we just registered.
Have no idea why we are setting it up. Just that a friend set one up recently and has been using it quite obsessively since. Usually trust him on things like these, so thought it might be an interesting sort of thing to do. Keeping a diary, or just jotting down basic thoughts don't happen too often on pen and paper anymore, blame it on work and keyboards.
So a blog seems a fair way of solving the problem. Ajitha and I (Shamya) plan to update this once in a way. Have no idea how others can access it, but that's not dreadfully urgent or anything. Long as we can put up some stuff from time to time and can read them whenever we want....
Are we supposed to introduce ourselves here as well? Dunno. Will save it for some other time. And we will keep the blogs coming.