Thursday, January 20, 2005

New place, new work...

It's happened. Have moved from The Indian Express to Headlines Today.
Oh yes, print to TV. Simple.
Have no idea why 90 per cent of the people I have met since making the decision have asked me: "Oh, you'll move to TV from print?" Surely people know TV exists as a news medium. It's become big enough in India. And, most importantly, most news people on TV have moved from print. Isn't that right? But somehow...
Yes, writing remains the big thing for me. The couple of day's experience here at Headlines Today have been a trifle scary. Gadgets and gizmos everywhere you look. Every bit of news you want to convey to the world comes with serious technological and technical trappings.
But that's how it is.
Heck, if so many people can do it, surely, so can I.
I learnt to drive very recently. Haven't been able to practice much because we still haven't been able to afford the car. But a friend of ours have left their car in our care for a couple of months and I have been driving it around a bit. Strictly within CR Park though. But have been taking a few risks while I am doing my little exercises.
Same logic. Most people I know, know how to drive. Surely it's not that difficult.
So guess TV will grow on me gradually. So will Headlines Today. And I can remain a newsman.