Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Disco Aaretoo

All right, I find this interesting.

My 'hello tune' currently is Disco 82 (pronounced Disco Aaretoo). Which, I think, is quite cool in a heck-I-want-to-stand-out kind of way. It gets people talking. Which is not such a bad thing.
But some of the 'talking' I have got recently has been quite radical.

The ones that go "Hey, quite cool" and "what's the Disco song; rather nice" and "Hey, Disco" and "Arre Mithun" aren't so bad.

The ones that are, are - appy polly logies to all and sundry - the ones that come from our Hindi-speaking colleagues. When they call me up, and listen to Disco Aaretoo, 99 per cent of them actually go: "Hey, that's not a nice song". One of them added, "I have Aap ki aankhon mein" and another said he has "Tum ko dekha to yeh khayal aaya". "Get one of those, dost, this one's a bad song".

Heck, I know it's not Bach, brother. And that's precisely the point. I don't listen to Disco Aaretoo before going to sleep. It's just a moronic high school sort of statement.

Corollary: And even funnier is that if I were to use something like, say, Black Muddy River or Ripple, the same people will call up and say, "Arre, English gaana; bhai, mujhe to samajh nahin aaya".

Nice and complex set of people, aren't they?