Tuesday, April 17, 2007

WORLD CUP DIARY: Good on you, Razzaq

This is what the PTI has reported today from Dubai:

Pakistan all-rounder Abdul Razzaq has criticised the late former national coach Bob Woolmer, saying he was only interested in keeping his job and his tenure made no difference to the team.

Razzaq, who missed the World Cup due to a injury, said he knew that it was not right to pass adverse remarks on a dead person but he had no regret to state the truth although it may sound unkind, according to a newspaper report.

"In my opinion Bob was a very shrewd operator. He was a coach just by nature of his job. Bob knew how to spend his time. For me, he must surely be one of the cleverest Britishers. On the surface he acted as an Asian but inside he was only interested in keeping his job irrespective of victory or defeat," said Razzaq.

My take:
I'm sure Razzaq has his own agenda here, but it takes balls, especially in the subcontinent where dead people assume god-like status, to come out and say what he has said. Admittedly, Razzaq should have said what he has said earlier if he felt strongly enough about it. He didn't. And that must count against him and also lead to questioning him about his intentions.

But he has shown guts, whether rightly or wrongly. And I will respect him for that.