Wednesday, February 20, 2008

At the Sydney Wildlife Park

Joeys soaking in the sun on a warm summer afternoon at the Park.

An adolescent kangaroo - not quite fully grown, by which time it would be more than double the current size.

The koala! Bloody sleepy animals. They hardly move at all. And they are either sleeping or chomping on leaves. They never do much else. Even if you pick them up, they hardly react. It's almost as if they don't even realise they have been woken up from their slumber. Aussies love koalas, and I suppose these creatures are so confident that they won't be hurt, that they just don't open their eyes for anything.

This one's a full blown kangaroo. It wants to sleep, but is keeping an eye on its joeys because of all the people around.

Birds. Bijoy might know what they are called.

Another koala. A different one. It's sleeping as usual despite being perched rather precariously.

Another bird. Again, Bijoy might know what it's called.

Another bird. I can tell Bijoy that this one's a seagull. If there's a fancier name by which they go, I have no idea.

Chameleons. Aussie chameleons.

This one's part of the monitor family. It loves being photographed. And strikes different poses as you click away.