Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Quick Diwali rant

All day! All bloody day!

Stuff like this (put up unedited, despite it killing me to let them pass as is):

Exhibit One:
3 people were asking ur mobile no. I didnt giv ur no. But I gave them ur home address. They r coming to ur home 2day, they r: SUKH, SHANTI and SAMRIDDHI pls welcome them as I requested them 2 stay wid u 4ever! Have a nice festival week and very happy Diwali!

Exhibit Two:
Sun glows 4 a day, Candle 4 an hour, Matchstick 4 a minute, But a wish can glow day 4ever, So here is my wish for glowing DIWALI, glowing life.

Whatever happened to good old Happy Diwali? Or that old grunt?