Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Heading for the mountains

Don't know if I mentioned it in my profile, but I love the mountains. Ajitha and I have had that old seaside vs mountains debate for a long time now and we have agreed to disagree on the subject. But being in Delhi helps my cause, the mountains being a lot easier to access than the beaches.
So we do try and make trips to Himachal Pradesh (or Uttaranchal now) often as we can. It was a lot frequenter for me once upon a time, when work hadn't taken precedence and there was a lot of free time over the weekends in general. Since it isn't, in a sense, the occasional visits to the mountains have actually become a lot more exciting. Where it was once just a case of packing the bag and, almost mechanically...clinically...going to the ISBT, reaching wherever, doing the usual things, it's now a more eagerly awaited business.
So, we are headed for Dalhousie tomorrow. Sadly, it's one of the better-known places and a place I have made to in the past. But then free drive down and free acco are reasons enough to nod the head excitedly and get all excited. Which is what I did. But Ajitha and I do plan to spend a chunk of our six-day leave in Dalhousie and then make our way to someplace else. Let's see where we reach.
While in Dalhousie, we plan to hit Khajjiar and Chamba (at least) on our own, which should help us bring in more variety to the picture. Both places are supposed to be stunning, and an afternoon at each should be good for the nicotine-snuffed lungs.
But Dalhousie promises to be quite a cool experience on its own. For one, we get to stay in this really quaint old hotel, built almost entirely of wood. It's a two-storey thing and is built right in the heart of the place. Plus, the forests are barely 15 minutes away from most parts of Dalhousie, if my memory serves me right. And the hills, of course, are all over.
Anyway...this is just the preview. We return on or around November 1st. If there's stuff to write about, I will.