Saturday, January 22, 2005

Farha's Shakespeare and a Chinese quote

Went back home early this morning after my night shift here in office. Was hanging around not doing much as Ajitha readied for office...and happened to pick up the remote. Then happened to stop on one of the Hindi movie channels when my eyes caught one of the bizzarrest sights I have seen in a Hindi film till date. [And this is a person who has seen most Hindi films ever made speaking]...

I'll try and explain how it went...

There was Farha (you can bet I didn't stop because I saw her) lying on a bed. And she had something called Shakespeare's Book in her hands and appeared to be reading it. What was Shakespeare's Book? Well, it was a magazine actually. As the camera panned away a bit, the fact that it was a magazine, or a book of magazine-ual proportions, was given away.

She couldn't have been reading it, and she wasn't. So what was she doing? She had a faraway look in her eyes...was mumbling something...and -- as became evident soon thereafter -- dreaming of Rishi Kapoor. Well...can't tell which, but it must have been one of old Shek's better tragedies.


And why does the blog title include 'Chinese quote'? Because despite not being a quotes' person at all, this one little saying I found somewhere recently has quite stuck with me since. It's supposed to be a Chinese saying, and my latent Communist sensibilities were rather charged after picking it up.

It goes: Once the game's over, the king and the pawns go into the same box.

That's it. Yes. Scoff if you must. But I rather appreciated it. Have worked out a few variants of it as well, but I'll keep those for another day.