Monday, February 14, 2005

Staying in touch...

Off blogging again...didn't have anything major to write about. Not that I do right now either, but I do have some time in hand, which I haven't in quite some time now. Simply because there's just been too many hours spent at work. Nine hour shifts in any case take a lot out of you, and then travelling to Jhandewalan and back kills you all over again. But the perks are good and I am not complaining. Not yet, anyway.

The last week was a Sania Mirza-induced blur. Ajitha claims it's because she is a good-looking girl that she's getting all the attention. True. But only to a very limited extent. She has now hit the Top 100 for hell's sake! She became the first Indian woman to reach the third round of a Grand Slam at the Australian in January-February. She became the first Indian to win a WTA title last Saturday. And now she has become the first Indian to get inside the Top 100. Not bad by any standards.

Sania's Saturday match - the final against Alyona Bondarenko - was also my first experience of a LIVE thing on TV. It's not terribly tough if you have enough hands on deck. As we did on Saturday. There has to be someone to continuously update the scores. One guy has to coordinate with the ticker and 'break' all sorts of news. And then there's a whole lot of other stuff. Fun...but a bit BP-fucking.

And they tell me live cricket matches are a few degrees worse. Looking forward to it.

Settling down at work has been good too. Good fun on the whole. Except for the small matter of needing close to five-six hours to 'do a story'. You finish writing it - just about a minute-and-a-half - in around 15 minutes. And then the fun starts. The various processes involved take up around three-four hours, in which there's a lot of coordination with the video editors and various other people. Such a change from the bung-in-500-words-and-go-home routine.

Saw Page Three as I mentioned. Ajitha and I are also finally on our way to putting together a few MP3s. [Do you call them MP3 CDs or just MP3s?] Saw I am Sam again. Attended two weddings on Sunday...Ajitha is at another today. Finding Neverland and Black have both released and demand watching.

NOTE: It's fun writing these diary-like blogs. Why not? Maybe I'll try a few more from time to time. Especially seeing that there's less than zilch to write on otherwise.

PS: Dying helps. For Ray Charles, it amounts to an Oscar-winning (it will...) movie and a multiple Grammy-winning album.