Friday, February 04, 2005

Blip on the theme

Just a straight report:
(USUAL) Walked in to office today at around 1.30pm.
(USUAL) Saw my colleagues on the phone looking slightly panicky...been a journo five-six years now, so...
(BUT THEN) These people turned around and threw the latest BIG NEWS at me: Lara, Brian Lara, has died in a plane crash. We just got the info but there's been no confirmation. Loads of SMSes here and there. Any way we can find out? Everybody else is trying as well.
(...) A series of phone calls; waking people up in the Caribbean where it would have been just after midnight, calling contacts in Sri Lanka, England, Australia...closer home in Mumbai, Calcutta. No one has heard the news.
(...) Get a call back from a friend in Calcutta that a friend of his in Bombay has got the news too but no confirmation.
(...) Hours later, all of us finally decided that it was a false alarm. No confirmation anywhere. No one in any of the countries have heard the news. No website or wire service has reported it.
(ASIDE) Each time I reported the news to someone over the phone - some twelve times in total - I got goosebumps. It was one of those complete shocks. Shattering. A complete blank in the mind.
It had to be a day after my romantic ode to King Brian. It had to be...heck, today. Now...just after I had walked in to office...FUCK!
Anyway...had to get that off my system. I am still in a bit of a shock but have not been able to think about it much with all the rush in office. Am still not even close to 50 per cent around here, so I need a lot more time to do each thing than the others do. Which means I am occupied for more time than anyone else is, doing double the work I am.
But guess things will get better on that front gradually.
And, well, Lara lives. His theme plays on.
The King is Alive; Long Live The King!