Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Believe me, this is true

I hadn't posted anything on the blog for a long time. And interestingly, the very day I did, which is last night (some time back actually), I came back home and had Ajitha tell me the very same thing that I blogged about. The one about Disco Aaretoo, that is.

Ajitha has Dum Maaro Dum as her 'hello tune'. And apparently, more than one of her more intelligent friends have told her "hey, you think you are Zeenat Aman!"

Seriously. More than one person. And the same lines. Again and again. Believe me, I did not mention the blog to Ajitha at all. She just told me this out of the blue.

Man! People really take this seriously, don't they? The bit about all these 'hello tune' ads that say "choose a song that defines you best" and so on...