Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Movie time

By the way, we have a full-fledged film festival going on at F-1160 Chittaranjan Park these days. Brought back a pile of DVDs from Pakistan, and we have been going through them one at a time.

And it's a seriously eclectic mix: From Battleship Potemkin and Birth of a Nation to Rocky 1 to 5. From Truffaut and Renoir to Star Wars. And from Makhmalbaf and Kiarostami to I Spit on Your Grave. Not bad, eh?

Started with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (obviously). Caught Memoirs of a Geisha (bad, bad, bad), then Mulholland Drive (fantastic), and then Chronicles of Narnia (not bad, fun) and then Amarcord (interesting, nothing more)....

Have a pile of stuff lined up, which should take care of everything for the next one year or so.