Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Babar Khan

Finally managed to get in touch with Babar Khan - my old friend. Babar sb and I have been in touch over email regularly for the past six-seven years. And, in a sense, we are sufficiently close friends.

But obviously we have never had the chance to meet. The closest we came to meeting was when he was in Chandigarh for a conference once. But it was only a two-day stay.

He is in Lahore. And when we go back to Lahore for the one-dayer between India and Pakistan on the 13th of February, we are scheduled to meet.

Promises to be one of the more constructive events of my stay in Pakistan.

PS: Just re-read the 'Observations in Pakistan' post. And realised that it's only full of criticisms. Which was definitely not my intention. So will write another post soon on the 'Other Observations'...