Friday, March 16, 2007

WORLD CUP DIARY: Marley and Lara

The video I saw of Bob Marley's at his museum showed him juggling the ball - the ol' keepie-uppies - quite professionally. Football was his life, like it should be for any sensible person. But then, cut to today, and Brian Lara managed to put on quite a juggling show for us at the Chedwin Park, where the West Indian team was practicing.

At the end of the practice session, Lara went and picked up a white Kookaburra ball, proceeded to do a long session of keepie-uppies near the Chedwin Park boundary line, and seemed to get more and excited as we broke out in applause.

Now Lara's no Marley and Marley was no Lara. But there's something about the keepie-uppies that connect them. And it does explain a few things about them, doesn't it?