Thursday, February 22, 2007

Life at new home and the hospital

It’s been so long, so bloody long…

Believe me, in between I had made this huge list of movies seen, which ran into three digits. The list is still lying somewhere, but is probably not worth putting up here. Maybe some other time. Just as a sort of log-sheet.

A lot has, of course, been happening in life.

For starters, we have moved to a new house. A grand, palatial pad that has a huge drawing room where we can finally entertain a substantial crowd (if we find the time), two huge bedrooms, the works… It really is a beautiful house, which has room for everything we own and for us to move around without bumping into things. For the first time since we moved in together, Ajitha actually has gone without bumping into things and hurting herself for a month or so. It’s bad for my entertainment, but good for her overall health, I guess.

All the books have place, all our numerous posters and paintings have wall-space to occupy. We have room for a dining table, which has been acquired. Life’s good.

Oh, and forgot to mention the massive balcony. It’s our own balcony. Accessible only to us. Has big doors that connect it to the living room, which means they can be thrown open to increase the size of the living room further.

Note: All the ‘huge’ things are totally in comparison with the other places we have lived in down the years. To someone like my sister, for example, it will fall short on the hugeness quotient…

Life’s not been good on the health front though. Had something growing in my ass. Told everyone it was a ‘growth in my ass’, which Ajitha suggested sounded grosser than it was. It was, at any rate, something that needed an hour-long surgery at the grossly over-priced Apollo Hospital. The surgery is over. I’m good. Not much pain. But the area will take time to heal. Not that it is affecting my daily routine or anything. In fact, I am at work at the moment. So life’s all right on that front too. Not ideal. But what the heck!

So not all perfect. But close to being so. Which is never too bad.