Saturday, April 28, 2007

West Indies photos

Well, have finally figured how to upload photos on the blog. My own photographs are all in the old format, which will be sent to the local photo-shop once I come back and so on and so forth. These are some that were in Atreyo's digicam, and I can upload them now...

With Moses Kondety of The Deccan Chronicle on the streets of Kingston. He's fat.

Me standing. Next to me is Karyl Walker of the Jamaican Observer and Olivia, both of who I've mentioned in an earlier post. Beside Olivia is Udita from Star news and her cameraperson Atul. This is from Jamaica as well, in the hotel room where Moses and Atreyo were staying, and where I spent three nights during the confusion over my travel schedule following Woolmer's death.

This one is with my cameraperson Ankur (in the cap) and Prakash (of the Indore-based daily Prabhat Kiran) in front of Sir Frank Worrell's grave in Barbados. Worrell's bust is to the extreme left, followed by Sir Clyde Walcott's bust and Sir Everton Weekes's bust. Weekes, of course, is still alive.

This is taken in front of Courtney Walsh's restaurant Cuddy'z in Kingston. I am up on the steps. Ashish Magotra of DNA is next to me, with Moses to the right.

(From left to right) Moses, Sandeep Dwivedi of The Indian Express, me and Jaffer Hussain, the cameraperson from Geo TV, Pakistan, at the Sabina Park in Kingston.