Tuesday, April 03, 2007

WORLD CUP DIARY: A trip to fuzz-zone!

The last match I had seen on tour was the game between Pakistan and Ireland. Obviously, because since then I have been stuck at Pegasus Hotel, keeping track of the Bob Woolmer murder investigations. As a result of which, as I realised this morning, I had misplaced my ICC CWC Accreditation Card. Now, not having the access card would mean no access to the matches - the grounds or the media centres.

Therefore, a new access card had to be accessed. And the only way to get it was by filing a report at the local police station. In this case, this was the Providence Police Station on the outskirts of Georgetown in Guyana. A wooden single-storeyed building, the police station doesn't inspire much confidence, especially in a place renowned for its more-than-capable crimesters.

It's a lot like your average Indian police station, with a lot of fat men and women hanging around huge tables with a lot of files. There was a black boy sitting on a bench with handcuffs on. There was a small lock-up with fragile looking bars, with a boy called Mahomed staring out from inside. I know he is called Mahomed because he said some rude, loud mumbling sounds at me when I walked in (the only word I caught was 'virgin') and was promptly shushed up with a 'hrtyfdghesluys Mahomed fkghyipwss!' from this officer of Chinese extraction. Apparently he is in because he was peddling something he wasn't supposed to peddle and will be in for a week or so.

But Sargeant Joy Fredericks was very chatty and really helpful, and my work got done in a jiffy. Not a bad experience to add to some of the other interesting experiences I've had on tour so far. And while on the subject of crime, Woolmer remains mis-murdered.