Wednesday, May 09, 2007

WORLD CUP DIARY: At the Kensington

Some more photographs from the West Indies...from Barbados actually. Courtesy senior colleague and friend Soutik Biswas of BBC Online.

The gentleman next to me is Charlie Griffith. Why I am looking the other way I have no idea. Griffith barks at you even if you mention Nari Contractor, because it's the one question he has had to answer - without any major reason really - ever since it happened. In any case, he doesn't give interviews, but if you want to chat with him, he will give you all his time of the day.

Looking pensive and chewing my fingernails without any reason during the Ireland-Bangladesh game. This is not at the press box though, it's at the stands, which is always a better place to sit and watch a game from. Except, of course, we are still talking about the Ireland-Bangladesh game.

At the Kensington Oval Press Box with a beaming Soutik.

Interviewing Red Plastic Bag (under the cap) and Smokey Burke at the Kensington Oval. They are both Calysonians who I have written about before. During the interview, RPB sang Stroke It and Smokey sang Kensington, their cricket calypsos. The two got together to also sing Gavaskar, the Real Master as well.

And with Smokey and RPB after the interview.