Friday, July 13, 2007

Post on the Blue Line nonsense

So Blue Line buses have been leaving bus terminuses (or is it terminii?). They have built-in radar where they track pedestrians. Then they kill. Sometimes they pack in some people to enjoy the fun. Sometimes people like Delhi's CM - Chachi Minister - choose not to get into them. Why would she, I also wonder, seeing that she wouldn't have needed to since marrying into the Dikshit family (father-in-law Uma Shankar D and husband IAS Vinod D).
Surely the buses are not to blame unless they have become so old that their brakes don't work or something like that. Surely it's the drivers who are to blame and the condition of the roads in this city.
Change the drivers. Improve the roads. Upgrade the buses.

What's the point of taking the buses off the roads and making the citizens go through this?