Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Dog vs The Run-outer

Yes, Bedi is a loudmouth, a loose cannon, and he just doesn’t know when to shut up. But heck, he’s right, isn’t he? Murali does chuck. He always has. He always will. Even when he wraps up his career with around 1,000 Test wickets. He will even make a few extra millions in the process.
But I am on Bedi’s side. All those 1,000 wickets will be run-outs and nothing more.

It’s always been the ICC that’s to blame. It can’t offend the South Asian bloc. Not on anything. It’s always the BCCI and the PCB, and to a fairly large extent the SLC, that will have its way.

So if you are a young Indian or Pakistani or Sri Lankan bowler, you can try chucking in your formative years if you feel it helps your performance. Chances are that it will be legal by the time you make it to the team.

Mukul Kesavan writes on the subject here.