Thursday, February 21, 2008

Around Sydney...

Incidentally, I've bought an 8.1 megapixel Pentax digital camera - life's smoother!
Seagulls flocking to the cookie-man at the Darling Harbour promenade.
The Sydney Opera House - the cheapest programme tickets are A$60 - not sure the experience will be commensurate to the money spent.

Also on the promenade - the deep baritone of the didgeridoo, which lots of Aussies spell as 'dijeridu'.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background.

We took a ride on the pedapod as well - it's pretty much the same as a rickshaw, but comes with 18 gears and a highest speed of 20kmph! And goras ride/drive them, making it a rather interesting experience...

The Phantom is not playing at the SOH. In fact, it's not playing anywhere in Sydney at the moment. But busses carry the posters on them, and do so around the year even if it's not really relevant.

Boomerangs! And the boomerang man with the Sundowner.