Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bengali in Beijing - At Tiananmen Square

The Bengali in Beijing series would have been incomplete without a trip to Tiananmen Square. No reason to miss it anyway. It's a straight subway (metro) ride from where we stay, and is, in fact, in the 'backside' of Forbidden City, which I didn't realise when we went to FC the other day. We had gotten in the other side and went out the same way after roaming around inside.

Anyway, T-Square is no big deal apart from two big facts - (a) that it can fit a million people when it feels like it, and (b) 1989. It's essentially become a Sunday spot for the locals now. And it's been Olympic-ised with myriad banners and signages. But the memorial (with regard to 1989) at the back does send a chill up your spine. Not that the memorial is remarkable in any way...it's just that I'm Bengali.