Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bengali in Beijing Part 4

Putting up some random photographs from the set I have so far. Not in any sort of order...
The identically-dressed girls to my left are deaf and dumb dancers. Find below an example of their performance during a programme called My Dream, where disabled artists put together an Olympics tribute. The group is recorgnised by UNESCO as Artists For Peace. And it was brilliant, what they did. Songs. Dances. Short plays. The works.
Leading the line is the girl to the extreme right in the photograph above. Beautifully coordinated dance...and none of them can speak or hear. Keeping that in mind, the coordination was even more fantastic.
At the Athletes' Village - looking a bit harried because I was rushing to get an Abhinav Bindra interview. In the background are the five Fuwas - mascots.
Smoking outside one of the zillions of random signs - this one is just outside the shooting range.
Behind me is the Bird's Nest. Ugly, yes, but a marvel of architecture if there ever was one.

Brad and Tessy Frank - father and daughter. Badge (or pin) collectors. This one's their fifth Olympic Games together (including the Turin Winter Games). They just bring their badges across, trade them, soak in the sights, and have a good deal of fun.