Sunday, March 02, 2008

An event to remember

Every year, Sydney lights up around this time of the year for one very special Saturday night. It's the annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras here in Sydney. The fun starts around afternoon and goes on late into the night. People come in from all parts of the world. Costumes. Acts. Masks. Floats. Dances. The works.

And it's fantastic. One of the greatest things you will ever see...

It is close to impossible to get decent photographs unless you are one of the accredited journos covering the event. I tried. Not very successfully.

The Pope makes an appearance amidst massive cheer.

One from the Net...the same float + costumes were there last night as well.

The Queen and I. Wonderful picture, isn't it? Except that the person who took the snap left out the Queen's costume - shimmering gold.
Shot from the crowd.
The giant screen that was televising the whole show...shot by FTV.

Random people in colourful costumes.