Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm too old to rock 'n' roll...

Colleague of mine got this from her cousin - the last part of the mail has been left out because it was all personal. This part is being reproduced (with permission) as is, for your entertainment (if you can decipher it):

need to ask u sm stuff bout mba..
dis yr d cat exam is on 16th nov.
toh all d forms etc of various colgs hv come out.
m filling the folloeing exam forms..
1. CAT (16th nov)
2. TISS (14th dec)
3. JMET (mba in iit's) - (14th dec)
4. SNAP (21 dec)
5. NMAT (28th dec)
6. IIFT (23 nov)
7. MAT (07 dec)
8. XAT (04 jan)
apart frm dese il fill 1 or 2 more.. i mite fill FMS .. bt m nt sure..
aacha ub d thng is i want my mastrs in mktg.
or HR so various colleges under xat n cat hv come out wth dere forms..
bhaiya how is "UBS - PU CHD"
ub i toh hv v less idea about ubs .. n dts y i really need ur help regarding what all forms to fill n wt not...
n under CAT i hv filled d following colg forms..
n under XAT only XLRI till now...