Monday, January 24, 2005

After a five year hiatus

We have been doing a bit of freelance work at home in recent times. Ajitha really, but I have to pitch in every once in a way to meet the deadlines. The good part of it is that I have been able to detatch myself from the TV (finally), and pull out all my old tapes after years of not taking them out of the cartons. Which means that work has been fun, and more often than not all the familiar sounds of Grateful Dead and Neil Young and Fairport Convention and Bob Dylan have been on in the background.

Moved off the whole music deal after my stay at JNU, when more than half my precious tapes were whacked. Well, that's the way it works there. A pool of tapes belonging to the entire group lie around together and whoever wants to can pick up whatever they want to. A lot of my old stuff fell in the 'want to' category (which gave me a sense of pride, of course) and that meant moving into my next house a few kilos lighter. It also meant I lost my inclination towards sifting through the pile of tapes and picking out exactly what I wanted to listen to and stuff. I mean, I have gone weeks listening to Blonde on Blonde just because it was lying on the table.

Anyway...started with Europe 72. Moved to Harvest Moon, then some Shakti...Janis Joplin...Al De Meola...the whole hog.

[OBSERVATION: Tapes continue to function so brilliantly when the next step in the curve - CDs - conk after just a few turns]

Have the rest of the stuff sort of lined up...queued that is. It even includes those terrible Dylan tapes like Empire Burlesque and Nashville Skyline and stuff...will have to bring in some Joan Baez in between. Will keep you posted on developments and whether this means that I do end up buying a new tape after a gap of five years or so.

Am quite excited.