Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Of weddings and tribulations

I was 22 when I moved to Delhi. When was it...some six-odd years back. Not too many of my friends - the ones here in Delhi, at least - were getting married. So I was a virgin as far as marriage celebrations in Delhi are concerned. And food at Delhi marriage celebrations.

They eat vegetarian food!

In Cal, Bengalis (or Bongs, as you might be more familiar with) marry as well. They celebrate as well. They have marriages (the equivalent of the shaadi)...and receptions. You might not always get alcohol all over, but you can stock some in a car outside the venue. And you will get good chicken and mutton and fish to eat. That's because it is a celebration. And celebrating is easier with non-vegetarian food. Cows! Birds and goats! Fish and pigs!!!

Why do Delhi-ites, who otherwise spend obnoxious amounts on everything get so stingy about the food? Shouldn't the ostentatious-ness extend to the food table as well?

I swore never to attend another north Indian wedding (receptions only was the pledge) sometime back. But that isn't always possible. By some strange twist of fate, weddings are always slated for the weekends and the reception for a weekday. Therefore, it's the weddings we can attend. And eat leaves and stuff.

I can see this blog going nowhere specific...but when has venting spleen been organised with direction and stuff!

Ajitha tells me veggie food is good. Man can't live by meat alone. I want to. Ajitha is wrong.

I haven't lost all hope yet. Have a couple of friends whose weddings promise some birds and flesh and bones and such-like things. Will keep you posted.