Sunday, January 01, 2006

An end to 2005...

Okay year. Lots of stuff done with Ajitha. Strained for time of course. New work. Good work. Lots of work. Really strained for time. Went to Calcutta. Went to Kerala. Went to Bangalore.
Also travelled on work to Kanpur, Abu Dhabi, Meerut (yeaah!!!) and to Calcutta.

Rung in the new year in the best way possible. Yusuf (the ol' Begg) was over at home with a bottle of some fancy Australian wine. Had that cuddled up under rajais and stuff. Moved to a couple of vodkas. Dinner was some Hyderabadi biriyani and a chicken. And rounded things off with a kahlua. The bed after that.

Not too bad. And now it's on to another year of more of the same. Cheers!