Wednesday, March 08, 2006

DVD update and 'shared' stupidity

Been a tad out of time in recent a quick update on movies seen is in order.

Talk To Her was amazing. Has to be one of the greatest films ever made. Three thumbs up actually...

Kandahar was even better actually, despite all the hype around Talk To Her. And Kandahar had one of the most brilliant scenes I have ever seen. Anywhere. If you have seen the film, it's the slow motion shot of a league of leg-less men in crutches racing towards the artificial legs that are being parachuted down around the Afghanistan-Iran border. If you haven't seen the film, see it.

Chaos was another outstanding film, and - I know I am raving about each of the films I mention - has to be the 'quickest' film I remember seeing. It moves at breakneck speed. Right from beginning to end. Rachida Brakni whatever is superb, as are the rest of the actors. And it's a seriously interesting story.

Those were the films seen list...

The other thing has to do with the Jabberwock's 'moving' post on his mother and the general existence of a single mother in the urban Indian middle-class set-up. Oh well, Jai's anything but middle-class, but that's another story. Jai's post was nice. Moving too, if read in isolation.

But more important than Jai's post are the comments that have found their way to his blog. After reading the first 15-odd, I had to write to Jai - checked if any of these people were his friends - and tell him that the sequence of comments had to be the most irritating and nonsensical I have heard in a while.

Every single person - I'm sure with extremely serious and teary expressions - thanked Jai for 'sharing' these deepest thoughts, and congratulated Jai and his mother on their 'courage'.

Now, I am sure Jai's a brave and courageous fellow (his mother moreso, though not as much a 'fellow')... but that doesn't take anything away from this amazing collection of people who simply had to, repeat had to, write a comment after reading that post. Why? Why can't people not get excited and bleary-eyed at a discussion of the sort that the one in question was? Why can't people stop themselves from playing complete jerks and force awful, awful comments from their deepest recesses (top of their heads actually, because all of them sounded like the rehearsed sort of lines people parrot at condolence services and suchlike occasions)?

Why, oh why, can't people stop being stupid?

Please take offence if you are one of the people who 'thanked' Jai for 'sharing'. But it's only because the man and I haven't met since that we haven't had a drink or two while laughing sadly over the comments.

Disclaimer: Some of the comments were, actually, interesting. Honest. But not the bits about 'sharing'.