Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Collapso deja vu

Back at the Kinrara idyllic as ever.

There's a seriously intense sun out today, though we'll let the players suffer that. Am nice and cool in the press enclosure.... Aaah! The pleasures of not having to burn the butt to watch cricket anymore.

But the beauty of the Kinrara Oval has been heightened today by the surreal batting of the Indian team. Two trundlers called Dwayne Smith and Corey Collymore have managed to send back the Indian top order for next to nothing. Sachin Tendulkar looks set to score another hundred against what remains - despite the performance of the other Indian batsmen - a rather pedestrian bowling attack.

And India look set to lose.

This is what makes tours like these worthwhile.

The moment India loses, the pressure on the reporter wears off somewhat. We'll just get lots of former cricketers/experts to trash the side. Not much to be done from out here in the field. Which might finally give me some time to explore this city.

It is, like I have mentioned in the past, a rather unattractive city. But it has its high points. A lot of the animals remain unconsumed. Sites like the world famous aquarium is less than a 10-minute walk from the hotel, but remains unchecked.

So all that can be done. Some DVDs can finally be bought. And a good time might yet be had.

Only the Indian team has to back me up and not let me down.