Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Indians at practice...

Got a mail from old friend Bhaskar the other day, saying that he wanted to see pictures of the Indian team at training. Don't know if these photos will make him happy, but here they are anyway...from the SCG.

Tendu stretching...Yuvraj walking away...can't figure out the kids towards the left, but I can see Dhoni's face.

Everyone wants to pick things up from Tendu. Robin Uthappa for example.

And Virender Sehwag, who can't really figure out how to get back in the playing 11.

Sreesanth is hot property with the fans around here. Everyone loves him, and he's a great playactor as well. But more importantly, and I say this seriously, Sree is probably the one player who takes every single practice session very, very seriously. I don't recall ever seeing him fool around. Never. The others do. Sree doesn't.

Uthappa sitting on the ice boxes. Gambhir hanging around. Sehwag talking to Tendu in the background.

And wherever the Indian players are - especially Pathan and Yuvraj and Dhoni - there'll be a fair bit of glam around. Nice photo, isn't it?

The captain and the vice-captain in conversation during practice.

And finally, the latest big star of the team - the six-and-a-half feet Ishant Sharma...already a favourite of the autograph hunters.