Saturday, April 11, 2009

Shakti Samanta - he was fun, wasn't he?

He was the original Masala Man. Fantastic music. Random locations. The usual good-bad-ugly characters. Smart picks for heroes and heroines.

Masala Man: check out the two Howrah Bridge posters - my call is that Shakti-da picked the first one, and the rest of the people involved forced the second one on him.

Exhibit one:

Exhibit two:
Smart picks for heroes and heroines - picking Rajesh Khanna has to be his biggest contribution to mainstream Hindi cinema.
Ajitha and I were watching Kashmir Ki Kali just a few days back. Amazingly random. It's fascinating how you forget how random some of these films actually are...till you see them again.

Oh well, the good Bengali man was fun while he lasted. They just don't make entertainers like him anymore.