Sunday, February 20, 2005

PVR: Bloody bastards! there's a peg for the PVR tirade I have been planning for a while now.

It all started for me when Ajitha and I once went to watch a film. This would be at least two years ago. It so happened that the morons at the ticket counter were left with just three tickets. The last three. And there were two of us. So we were forced to buy all three tickets. It was a choice between all or nothing. We chose all. And spent Rs 150 unnecessarily.

Went back extremely humiliated and all that. Chose to take it up with the PVR authorities. Flashed my Press Card as far as possible in a strongly worded letter. Sent it across. Called them a few days later...was promised an apology and a refund...didn't get either. Gradually lost the enthusiasm...

A few days later, this other friend of ours who worked at a film-making enterprise at the time, had another tale to tell. She had gone into watch a film with a pile of papers and documents in her arms. Wasn't allowed in. Wasn't sure the alternative of leaving the papers with the paanwallah was safe enough. Skipped the film.

Yesterday...Ajitha had a packet of chewing gums with her. Chewing gums! Chiclets. Wasn't allowed to take them in. Was asked to leave it at the gate. We didn't want to...we offered to chew the whole lot instead. And would you believe it, they didn't let us eat our chewing gums either!!! What would we have done? I mean, who spends so much money to just spend two hours sticking gum on other people's hair? Or chew them into a ball and throw them at the screen? I mean, one of these had to be their concern, right?

Have to stop going to PVR now. It really is high time. Will have to wait for Savitri to start and then chuck PVR for good.