Tuesday, May 17, 2005


What the fuck are they trying to do?

[Copy-pasted from the ICC press release]

One-Day International cricket

The ICC Cricket Committee has recommended a change to the way that fielding restrictions apply in ODI cricket.

It recommended that restrictions should apply for the first 10 overs of every innings with two additional blocks of 5 overs to be applied through the course of an innings at the discretion of the fielding captain.
The CC was of the view that these blocks of 5 overs could be used consecutively or randomly at the discretion of the fielding captain.
The CC also recommended the introduction of soccer-style substitutes for international cricket wherein a player could be replaced at any stage of a match but would then be ruled out for the remainder of the match. Both the substitute and the substituted player would receive a cap and the replacement could happen at any stage of the match, including during a batting innings.
CC Chairman Sunil Gavaskar said that these innovations would introduce a new tactical dimension to ODI cricket.
β€œI think change to the way the fielding restrictions work will enliven the game and introduce a new element of unpredictability throughout the course of an innings,” said Mr Gavaskar.
β€œIt will also be interesting to see how sides adapt to the tactics of introducing a substitute and to see what impact this has on selection issues and it is recommended that this be introduced in time for the Johnnie Walker Super Series in Australia this October.”