Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Have been meaning to write on both the Narendra Modi story and the Shakti Kapoor story for some time now...but just haven't been able to find the time.

The Shakti Kapoor story is far too dated now, so I'll put in my two-paise's worth on the Modi story. And what a story it is! It's the classic clash of evils, with nothing between the two for me to figure out the lesser evil. My hatred of Narendra Modi comes a close second only to that of my hatred of the US. And while the US has various things going for it, admittedly, Modi doesn't. But then, Modi's just an individual.

Jabberwock beat me to this one, because I also thought Vir Sangvi's edit on the story (as with his edit on the Shakti Kapoor issue) was remarkable. And wanted to comment on it. The bit I wanted to pick out was about Modi being OUR mass murderer (this being more about the issue than Sanghvi's point of view; Jabs has been a long-standing lioniser of Mr Sanghvi, which may or may not be incidental here). Which was always my take on the Taliban or Saddam Hussein. Admittedly, the Taliban issue deserved and got less sympathy from across the world than the Saddam issue. But as far as I am concerned, neither of the cases were the US' to try. Saddam might have been a bastard, but he was the Iraqis' bastard. The Taliban was Afghanistan's problem. It wasn't for the US to reason why. Similarly, it is not for the US to try Modi. He is a murderer, a terrorist, but he is my terrorist. He is our terrorist. He is our murderer. Not the US'.

It's an altogether different matter that George Bush is no less a murderer and terrorist than Modi. Oh, well, I am not going to go into the whole Bush-bashing thing here, but surely we all agree with the 'terrorist' tag on Bush. And unlike Modi, Bush is an international terrorist.

Therefore, it's not too difficult to figure out where Sanghvi is coming from. Sanghvi (like Jabs says) is torn between the logic and patriotism divide. Fair enough. So are we. Always. Whenever it's a Bad Indian In Trouble With A Foreign Country. It's as simple as that. We prefer trying our criminals ourselves. Anybody would.

PS: Sanghvi's Shakti Kapoor edit was even better. It was easily the best thought out edit I have read in a long, long time.