Monday, May 09, 2005

Back on blogosphere

Off blogging again for fuck knows how long…and it’s getting repetitive starting blogs with the same few lines about being tied up with work, etc. Scrolled down to find out that I have done it far too often. So no apologies or excuses this time…just straight down to keying in some stuff that’s happened since I blogged last.

I see the last one was about the ponytail, etc, which means it’s been a month or so. Blimey! So what’s happened since? Umm, let’s see. I went to stinkin’ Kanpur to cover my first cricket match for television. I see that I have blogged on it already, so no point in going over it again. Have nothing more to add to what I have already said.

Outside of that, most significantly, I met Mike Marqusee. Yes, Mike the man. In the flesh. Will blog about the experience separately; it’s eminently bloggable.

I also travelled to the Sanspareils Greenlands bat factory in Meerut to do a story on the controversy surrounding Ricky Ponting’s bat. Nothing much to write about on that front except that I came back home the proud owner of an SG bat. I have owned a Larsons and an SS bat in the past, but never an SG. Though I did play quite a bit with one that belonged to an extremely rich friend in Calcutta. He wasn’t any good as a player, but owned some three bats and six Prince tennis racquets. Never got around to bumming the racquets, but did con him into letting me play with the SG bat.

Then I went to Abu Dhabi. Why? Well, obviously not by spending my own money. Why would I go to the stinkin’ Gulf then? Sri Lanka and Pakistan are a closer stone’s throw away. But there I was, in Abu Dhabi, and because it’s ‘foreign’, maybe I’ll blog separately about that as well.

Ajitha and I have also been sniffing around for movies quite a bit, and ended up buying The Kid, Once Upon A Time In The West, On The Waterfront and Rosemary’s Baby as far as VCDs go. Plus, to go with our new DVD player, we have acquired Kiarostami’s Ten, Ozu’s Floating Weeds and A Story Of The Floating Weeds, Motorcycle Diaries and the original Solaris, by Tarkovsky. Not bad to start with. Of course, we have About Schmidt and the Dilbert series to fall back on once we have seen these and don’t have money for more.

Guess that’s it. Am off today. At home. Ajitha’s gone to work. BLOG TIME!!!