Thursday, March 24, 2005

Everyday's an endless stream...

...of cigarettes and lemon teas...

Done with another night of the graveyard...almost done with this particular cycle, and - in a sense - it's time for a bit of stock-taking.

I've been torn between trying to decide whether I like it or not. I mean, obviously I like it. I always have. Right from the time when I was with tehelka, and spent more time in office than anywhere else. When there wasn't much work, I was more than eager to just spend the night in office - soaking in the free a/c and surfing the net. That's not changed, though the work in a 24-hour news channel is significantly different from an update-once-a-day website.

But the deal is - and you won't find me admitting to this readily - that the bones are creaking a bit more than they used to, I need to spend more time in the loo than I have ever had to ('s a lot of gas these days instead of the usual), and I need to sleep more to shake off the night than I have ever had to. And I drink far too much tea and coffee than I should. And most people choose the night to not work and that means far too many people spend far too much time trying to make unnecessary conversation with you.

But on the other hand, I love the fact that the office is so quiet. The net's there. I have a TV - practically - to myself. I get a lot more work done than any of us do on a normal work-day. I can't report much while on night - obviously - but that's not so bad, because there are at least four-five cycles between a night cycle (two weeks) to report much as I want.

So there it is. The debit side and the credit side. It's evidently heavier on the 'cons' side, but I am not willing to make a judgment with the creaking bones + time in the loo + tea-coffee factor in mind. That, surely, can be gotten around.