Wednesday, February 23, 2005

3 bloody 1! What a bloody night!

What a night! Bayern Munich slamming three past Arsenal. The bloody morons...all overrated idiots...were given a right hiding. Three goals! And Kahn the man conceded just one. It hardly gets better than this.

Oh, don't I love it when all these French super-idiots get stuck against really good European teams! Henry and Vieira and Pires and the rest, they have a ball against teams like West Brom Albion and Birmingham and Southampton and Wolverhampton Wanderers. And then they come up against teams from Italy and Germany and stuff...even France. The best French players are still there, aren't they?

I mean, Henry was actually one of the top three European footballers for the season. I think he was one of the nominees last season also. On the basis of what? Those identical runs down the left flank and strikes past stupid British goalkeepers? Can't be much else. If one-dimensionality is worth so much...

And some of these idiots actually say they want to spend the rest of their careers in Arsenal. We'll finish our careers in Arsenal, they say. What else can they say? Which other halfway decent team would take them anyway?

It's good Liverpool won? And it'll be good if Manchester United win. Simply because of all the history and stuff. And the attacking game they play...

And it'll be good if Chelsea win. You know, despite all this talk of Roman Abramovich's millions, their's is the smartest team in the EPL. By far. Outside of Jose Mourinho, they haven't really brought in any REALLY huge players... players the rest of the world was also targetting. They don't have the players Real Madrid do. Or even Barcelona.... But they are doing far better than Arsenal.

Arsenal sucks! European football sucks also...but British football sucks the worst. And Arsenal sucks worse than the rest of the British clubs put together.