Sunday, March 06, 2005

Have been published again

A bit of good news on the professional front also needs to be crowed about.

The second of my articles for the International Journal of the History of Sport is out. It was about Indian origin footballers plying their trade in the European football fields. Was rather appreciated, even if I say so myself, and at the cost of sounding like Shilpa Shetty after making some inane film.

They have called it 'Indian or Otherwise: PIO Footballers are Just a Couple of Strikes Away'. Not bad. Not great. I didn't send it in with a heading in a typical case of under-confidence. But, as usual, hardly a word of the 15-page (9000-word) article has been changed.

The first, for those who came in late, was about the history and evolution of Bengal boxing, which was published by Frank Cass last year. Routledge (of the Taylor and Francis Group) has since taken over Frank Cass and the Journal, and this one has been published by them.