Friday, March 11, 2005


So...Tendulkar's double record chase wasn't to be.... And I had to scan around for a reason to feel happy about it. This time, I think I will go with the way he batted. The opposition was worthy, despite missing a few teeth, and the venues was respectable enough. But it wouldn't have been a good enough 35th century if Tendulkar were to reach it in that Dravid-ish style. Heck, Tendu probably felt the same way. And that's probably why he messed up when there was no logical reason for him to.

If that's the case, there's good news for us. Because it means Tendu knows (or feels, at the very least) that he might be able to get back to some vintage form sometime in the near future.

My fan-like attitude towards Tendu has been on the wane for a long time now. Ummm...well, it had actually dipped some distance further in between, but I have come to like Tendu a bit more of late. Now, he is just a record man for me. Along with being a bit of a selfish joker, what with him travelling with the team unnecessarily when he knew he wouldn't be able to play.

And, on a more positive note, I think he is doing well contributing to the team total, evidently pulled down because of the elbow fuck-up. It's probably impractical to believe he can stir up a Desert Storm or whatever anymore. That's obviously beyond him now. So is, say, a really exciting 50. What he's good for now are longish, responsible innings. Nothing more.

But to go back to the reason for being happy that the century didn't come in Mohali, the sad part is that he will probably have to do it in a similar way as and when he does do it. It will be off 200-odd deliveries...won't have a proper pull, a couple of on-the-up cover drives if we are lucky, sixes are out of the question. 60 per cent of the runs are sure to come off singles too. So that's about 10 boundaries.

It's focus Kolkata then...because though he might have time to hit up the 10,000 in Mohali, the century will have to wait. Wish Tendu can put in one last BIG effort, hit it with a strike rate of about 80, and retire. Or die.