Saturday, March 12, 2005

Okay, so where's the issue?

Just caught stuff on Awfully Scary Paper's (thanks, Kitabkhana) shootout against little Mediaah! Thanks, Jabs, for letting me know.

Read what Jabs wrote...was routed to Kitabkhana and Little Media. Was outraged to start with. Again? Fuck!

But then, after the initial outrage, I wondered whether it was worth being outraged. And also wondered whether the hundreds of people who have signed in the petition are actually outraged. It's really the flavour of the season, isn't it? I think so.

I started work with Tehelka from around the time they started out. Right from the match-fixing expose. I was there for two years...the last six months wihout getting a salary because the company didn't have money to pay me or anyone else. [They do now, and still haven't paid, but that's another story] I remember all the encouraging words so many of us puked out at the time. There were so many petitions being signed day in and day out. If my memory serves me right, there was also a protest march organised at some stage.

But then, what happened? I am not saying it was up to all these outraged people to solve the problem. But where did they go once the shit really hit the roof and the clampdown assumed proportions bigger then the problem we started out against? Where did the petitions go? Heck, the issue was actually against the BJP, so the outrage should surely have been a few degrees hotter.

Anyway, to cut my rambling short (it's been another long day, I'm sorry)...I don't see what we stand to gain from protesting against the ASP in question. Also, what our protest will add up to. Zilch. Close enough?

The Solution Then: Pradyuman Maheshwari is out. There's no comeback as far as he or his Mediaah is concerned. (Sorry, mate) And that's what will happen each time we take this Free Speech shit too far out for the AS Media's comfort. And there is no way around it. Big Media will always win, Small Media will always lose (not just to Big Media, but everything bigger than Small Media). But there could be a trick in using numbers. A series of Awfully Small Set-ups, that can go about Free Speeching all they want, and shut their traps the moment ASPs count up to 19.

Does it make sense? I think it does. Simply because this farcical outrage shit we are talking about is far too pointless. It doesn't work. It's not meant to work.

The Mediaah issue is over...but there can be more within the broader framework Mediaah worked under.

Think about it.

PS: Sorry, but I'm not signing the petition, whether it matters to anyone or not.