Saturday, March 12, 2005

A little more on The Unconsoled

Forgot to mention my take on what Unconsoled really was about. I recall Jabberwock, Ajitha and me having a discussion on it sometime back. They had read it and I was starting on it. I don't remember clearly what their thoughts were...but this is what I thought:

Kind of daft writing about it, but I have started now...

I basically felt that Ryder didn't exist in reality. His presence in the scheme of things was in the capacity of a bouncing board. I think his arrival was expected, and like with most people, when they are expecting someone important - professionally or personaally - you tend to go over what might be and what the time spent with them is going to be about and stuff. And then the train of thought takes different, often tangential tracks.

Therefore, it was - in its surrealistic setting - a set of long-winded thoughts on their exchanges with Ryder. Yes, that's my take on the story.

Makes sense? Dunno.